30 Days of Romcom Part 3
30 Days of Romcom Part 3

10.   The American President

This is the very first Aaron Sorkin’s piece that I had come to love. An elegant story of how a president of the superpower country is capable in falling helplessly in love. Elegant because the president isn’t in love with a random beautiful woman, but with an intelligent well-accomplished woman activist. Isn’t that grand? Well, love is grand.


9.   13 Going On 30

Jennifer Garner in her best performance, being this cute, awkward, sometime wiseass 13-years-old trapped inside her 30-years-old self. Notice how the costume design for Jenna, Garner’s character, reflects the adolescent, playful and childlike, yet still sophisticated as a big time magazine editor.


8.   High Fidelity

There are two things you get from this movie: one, men are stupid, and two, men do have feelings. But, as John Cusack finally comes around for settling down, it’s undeniable that what women really need for a proposal is not a luxurious grand gesture, but simply a conscious willingness.


7.   Little Manhattan

It’s a mini version of everything you see in a romantic comedy. Going around New York with a scooter, a parent-guarded date night, moving to other city for school. A reminiscent of not only a first love, but also a first heartbreak, Little Manhattan will last sweetly in your memory like your own puppy love.


6.  Definitely, Maybe

In reality, it’s almost too impossible for someone to have only one love story that lasts throughout a lifetime. So this movie offers three love stories from the same person, Will, which he tells his own daughter as a bedtime story. Just like how most of bedtime stories go, whoever Will is going to end up with, you know it will be a happy ending.


5.   Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Teen romcom in scavenger hunt style. Set in late night NYC, in the search of a mysterious indie band and a drunk blonde teenage girl, a gloomy edgy girl meets a brokenhearted boy with an obnoxious ex. That story, with a twist of yellow Yugo, disgusting recycled gum, and a pack of adorable gay friends, all wrapped in catchy indie songs playing in the background. Too hipster? Yes, it is. But with witty dialogues and quirky characters, it’s so fun to watch.


4.   Jerry Maguire

Although Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger are undeniably adorable on screen, it’s the bromance of Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding, Jr that holds the movie together. The scene where they shout ‘Show me the money!’ over and over makes such an impression for me. And of course, the quotable overflowing words throughout the movie always do the magic. This movie had me at hello.


3.   While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes, wrong choices lead us to the right places. At first, it seems like a terrible idea that Lucy doesn’t tell the truth that she is not Peter’s fiancé. But, her choices turned out to bring something she had been longing for: a big, warm, and noisy family. Isn’t it every girl’s dream to be loved by the mother of a man she loves, let alone by his whole family?


2.   You’ve Got Mail

This movie is not only about the proven chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. For me, it’s a romanticizing of life on many aspects. Being a single woman in New York City, owning an independent bookstore, having ‘a small but valuable life’ while wondering ‘is it because I like it or because I haven’t been brave’, and anxiously waiting for Mr. Right who happens to be just around the corner.


1.           The Goodbye Girl

What I like the most from this movie is how the lines bring a nice ring to my ears. Modern day romcom won’t pull off a line like “Your lips may say ‘no, no’, but there’s ‘yes, yes’ in your eyes”. It is cheesy, but is also enough to make your cheeks blush. The cameras don’t move in dramatic ways. Instead, the actors moved graciously like they were dancing. Richard Dreyfuss’s character is not easy to like, but with a charisma like no other short man has, he surely pulled it off.

26 September 2016
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