A Messy Reason for Bohemian Rhapsody
A Messy Reason for Bohemian Rhapsody

Suicide Squad (2016)

Director/Writer: David Ayer



By Hatta B. Sasono


I don’t know if I should expect anything good out of DC anymore now. I’ve never had a bias towards either DC or Marvel since the most exposure I’ve had to both of them for the most part would lead me to believe that they’re just the guys that make the next cool, mainstream superhero movie that I’d be watching with the whole family on the weekends, and they don’t have much of a difference. Hell, I’d sometimes mistake Spiderman for a DC character and The Flash as a Marvel one.

But now, I’m starting to lean towards Marvel.

This is due to DC’s two latest big screen installments, Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice (oooh!) and Suicide Squad. They are disappointments, to say the least. Both were some of the most hyped, if not the two most hyped movies of 2016, and were promoted as dark, serious takes on the western superhero meta that has become quite stale as of late. They turned out to be a pretentious, juvenile edge-fest that was mostly a complete mess in most, if not all of its aspects.

But of course, I’m here to talk about just Suicide Squad. If you want to know my separate views on Batman V Superman, it’s basically the same thing, just take out all of the enjoyable parts. Anyway, if you like either of these movies, or both, and I haven’t earned your hate yet, stick around. Let’s see if I can’t “offend” someone somewhere down the line.Spoiler warnings are obvious.

So, the good. The Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot are my favourite characters by a landslide, and in that order. Jared Leto’s performance is phenomenal, and he gives Heath Ledger a run for his money, further solidifying The Joker’s position as one of my favourite villains in fiction. He felt genuinely villainous, psychotic and terrifying.

Harley and Deadshot were just fun to watch every time they’re on screen, except for a few instances, and they formed an unexpected bond that wasn’t necessarily bad.

I loved what I heard. The music choice was splendid, from Queen’s classic Bohemian Rhapsody that took me to times where I used to listen to their whole album on the car radio on the way back from school because my parents have the disc because they’re amazing (luv u mum n dad xxx; also yes, I knew Bohemian Rhapsody way before this movie was even in production, suck it plebs) to Twenty One Pilots’ latest song Heathens and Imagine Dragons’ Sucker for Pain. Welcome to my taste in music.

Speaking of which, the bad. This is where I put up my flame shield. Didn’t expect that segway, did you? You’d think I’d have more positive things to say about this movie, despite my previous assertion didn’t you? Wrong.

First off, remember how The Joker is my favorite character in the whole movie, and that was a good thing? Yeah, I lied. It wasn’t. It would’ve been if he didn’t have a total of roughly 15 minutes of screen time spread across a multitude of two minute scenes and didn’t play a supporting role instead of the main villain, whose position was replaced by the oh-so boring, cliché, and comparatively unthreatening “Enchantress”. Should I have expected more of that? You bet I do. He’s one of the most, if not the most iconic DC villain, the trailer hyped him as the main villain, and we know for a cold, hard solid fact that a lot of his scenes were cut, as was revealed in an interview and a quick re-watch of the trailers.

A lot of the scenes felt rushed, out of place, unnecessary and made no sense, which constantly disconnected me from what’s happening on screen, mostly because my palm was covering my face out of involuntary reactions. These scenes include the final encounter with Enchantress and her “I know what you truly desire, huehuehue” nonsense, the bar scene that had every character in the movie abandon their main objective only to regain it after five minutes of sharing their oh-so tragic life stories and personalities in the most pretentious way possible over alcoholic drinks, and Waller’s incredibly audacious trailer-esque rundown of the entire main cast in the beginning.

Speaking of which, god if I didn’t hate Waller would I have given Hitler a high five. Some would argue that she’s the main villain of the movie, but to me she’s more akin to that one hard-ass supply teacher in Year 8 that everyone hated. Or maybe that’s just me because I hated everyone in Year 8. Or maybe that’s because she’s somehow not dead after getting her top-secret brain liquids sucked out of her by the Enchantress and threatened all of them with the injected nanite bombs that she somehow still had the trigger to which worked in putting all of them back into the same high-security prison they were in before, which had to work because they had to shoehorn a scene with Bohemian Rhapsodyfor the background music somewhere in the movie because they used it in the trailers. Your pick.

The action was ok. Actually, I expected better. The choreography was fine, especially in Harley Quinn’s parts, but sometimes it gets a bit too dark for me to see much of anything happening. The disappointing part of this is the enemies, who are your run-of-the-mill mindless alien monsters whose body parts can be splattered in a child-friendly manner because they’re made entirely out of green goo. It’s rated R, 18+, Adult. Can’t I have some threatening enemies that die in a violent manner in full view? If this is the best I’m getting, I’d rather be watching Kara no Kyoukai or Psycho Pass. You know, those Japanesecartoons that are supposedly for kids. This ties in to the Joker being the appropriate villain for the movie instead of the Enchantress too.

For now, that’s what I think of Suicide Squad. A complete mess that’s somewhat enjoyable in a small degree and is still fully worth watching because you spent way too long getting hyped over the trailers for you not to watch it in the end. I probably left out some more of my initial thoughts, and I probably would pick up some more likes or dislikes towards the movie in a second running. But right now, Suicide Squad is a disappointment for me. Do you hate me yet? No? This must have been music to your ears. If you hated me for this, you probably would have stopped reading halfway through this anyway.Oh well. Wonder Woman’s going to be better than this, right?

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